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WHY A PRIVATE SCHOOL BUS In times of both economic growth and slow down, the number of working mothers tends to increase with a resultant increase in the number of students requiring a reliable transport service, especially in the afternoons when the parents are not available. Lack of public transport services, the ongoing increase in cost of running a personal motor vehicle, parents needing to go to work to ensure a constant income to run households, time wasted in traffic during the morning and the need to collect children during potentially difficult times of the day, has created additional pressure on these households. Parents are therefore looking for alternatives (within personal budgets) to ease this pressure while finding a reliable and trustworthy service provider to do this for them. Since 2007, we have consistently provided reliable private School Bus service to school Communities and are positioned to continue to extend our Expertise and Commitment through this initiative.
HELP OUR CHILDREN By helping to reduce child road accidents, creating a more secure environment for travel and encouraging greater independence from their parents.
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