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SUPPORT OUR LOCAL AUTHORITIES By providing an innovative addition to the local transport planning agenda and offering a low cost solution for education and local transport needs.

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Why should I use a private school shuttle

  • 60% of morning rush hour traffic is attributable to the school run. Reducing that will improve Air Quality, Speed Traffic Flows and allow Public Transport to work better.

What is the value proposition for a private shuttle

    1. In times of both economic growth and slow down, the number of working mothers tends to increase with a resultant increase in the number of students requiring a reliable transport service, especially in the afternoons when the parents are not available. 2. Lack of public transport services, the ongoing increase in cost of running a personal motor vehicle, parents needing to go to work to ensure a constant income to run households, time wasted in traffic during the morning and the need to collect children during potentially difficult times of the day, has created additional pressure on these households. 3. Parents are therefore looking for alternatives (within personal budgets) to ease this pressure while finding a reliable and trustworthy service provider to do this for them. Since 2007, we have consistently provided reliable private School Bus service to school Communities and are positioned to continue to extend our Expertise and Commitment through this initiative.

What should I expect from the shuttle provider

  • this should summarize your expectations of the shuttle service. We work hard every day to ensure you have the same experience of the service every day.

Do you have any standards of service

  • YES
  • we follow particular operations and regulatory standards especially HEALTH AND SAFETY, DRIVING POLICY, TRAFFIC RULES AND GOVERNMENT POLICIES. We have since 2007 developed and adhere to an ISO 9001:2008 Standards based operational cycle included in our Integrated Management System Ė IMS. rules/

Do you have any rules for children or parents

  • YES
  • we do and they can be found on rules/

What experience do you have in this business

  • Ride2sch
  • We have 9 Years of EVERYDAY experience, since 2007 and have routes running across the whole City. We transport 350+ children every day during the school term.

How can I reference you as a service provider

  • As Ride2sch
  • We have over the last 9 years gathered over 3,000 Feedback Forms attesting to our their experience of our service, please feel free to send us an email at and we will gladly share these details with you and with the customers permission share their contact details for you to speak to them privately. service/

How much do you charge for the services

  • As Ride2sch
  • We have made available our price information which is regularly updated on the following link card/

What ages of children do you carry

  • At Ride2sch
  • We have experience with all age groups from Kindergarten through to Secondary or Year 13 (International Curriculum)

How sure I am I of the shuttle

  • At Ride2sch
  • We conduct routine vehicle inspections every morning and attend to any mechanical issues raised that day, most maintenance is conducted over the weekend when we are not very busy. We continue to monitor the safe operations of all our vehicles in adherence to our Health and Safety Policy.

Do you have any means of confirmation

  • At Ride2sch
  • YES, we have setup many popular options for our customers either SMS, EMAIL, WHATS APP or VIBER to address their communication requests.

Where can I get help or more information

  • At Ride2sch
  • Please feel free to contact us on either 000256776222502/0776222503 or any other preferred means as found at the bottom of this page. /

What happens if my child is left at school

  • At Ride2sch
  • We endeavor to maintain a Register on each and every bus and also carry a phone dedicated to communication with parents on each and every bus. We have left all our HOTLINES with the School administrators at each school where we do operate so I case a child is left at school for whatever reason we have capacity to either turn back or send a rescue vehicle for that child.

How much time do I have to prepare the child if my pick up time is 6:15

  • At Ride2sch
  • We generally recommend at least 40 minutes between the childís waking up time and our pick up time. However, not all children are the same so please adjust according to your childís tolerance levels as some are early risers others take a while to adjust to mornings.

How much time do the children stay on the bus

  • At Ride2sch
  • This is mainly dictated by the time at which the school closes as some schools close at 3:00 PM while others close at 5:00 PM, these times influence 100% of our operations, we however endeavor to adhere to our time Management Policy of 2 Hours on the bus from Pick Up to Drop Off, this principal guides our route planning and from our experience most children have spent an average of 3 Hours overall on the bus, this is mainly due to unpredictable Traffic build ups on most city roads.

Do you have a route to my location

  • At Ride2sch
  • We may currently have a route to your location or we may soon be adding your location to our route plan, please visit the following page to confirm map/ if you didnít find a route or a school on that page please contact us directly so we can arrange a visit to your location and perhaps start a service the next week 0776222502 | 0776222503

How can I identify the shuttle my child will use

  • At Ride2sch
  • We have endeavored to Brand the shuttles we use, however due to the large volume of requests we sometimes outsource shuttles as we complete the procurement process of our own shuttles for that route and often times we may have a mechanical issue in the morning and have to send a rescue vehicle to your location, at all times we maintain the same BUS ASSISTANT on the replacement shuttle who would be identified by either company ID or company UNIFORM.

Who is the driver of the shuttle

  • At Ride2sch
  • We conduct rigorous background checks on most of our Drivers, save for replacement drivers who often times are used for that morning. The driver we assign to a shuttle is a professional driver who has proper identification, holds the correct Drivers License and has attended our mandatory training both at recruitment and also during the refresher training.

Should I expect any changes during the school term

  • Yes
  • due to the number of requests for a service we receive we have to constantly adjust our routes and timings and its always for the best, we often times receive request to start a new route in a new location, sometimes a parent says they have changed address or location/shifted and still need a service at their new location, sometimes itís a parent that wants to discontinue the service, sometimes itís a parent that wants us to adjust the Pick Up times of their child. We always write official letters communicating all these adjustments and how they will affect you and the route code if it has changed from the one you are accustomed to.

Who is the driver of the shuttle

  • At Ride2sch
  • We have endeavored to make School Shuttle payments as flexible as possible, some schools prefer to collect the service charges directly from the parents, other parents prefer to pay via Mobile Money directly to us. We have installed in some shuttles on some routes a POS Ė Point of Sale machine where a parent can swipe their Card to make a payment, you can always request for the machine to be brought to your gate to receive a payment. We discourage CASH payments to our staff members, and any money given as a gift to our employees shall be declared as guided under our board approved GIFT POLICY. Please visit card/ to get more information.

Do you have an installment plan

  • Yes
  • we do, however this is on a case by case basis and must be Pre-approved by the Accounts department. Please be advised that penalty and surcharges may apply. card/

Do you do 2 ways or 1 way routes

  • Yes
  • We do both 2 Way and 1 Way Routes depending on the customers request and availability of capacity on the route. Please note that some 1 Way service charges may cost the same as 2 Way service charges due to the cost related to underutilized capacity on that route. map/

How can I get a travel advisory in case of an emergency

  • At Ride2sch
  • We endeavor to collect and update our database of information and contact details of each and every parent centrally and on each shuttle we use. This information collection is designed to maintain contact with parents in case of an emergency. Please support us by regularly updating your contact information details.

What happens when there is tear gas in the city

  • as Kampala is often times unclear one morning its all clear by midday its suddenly chaotic. In 2011 we designed and adhere to an ISO 9001:2008 Emergency Evacuation Route Plan, we have mapped out all possible emergency routes INTO and OUT Of the city centre and have established all known safe havens within the city centre (especially POLICE STATIONS) which will be used as shelters in the event of an emergency. We have since 2013 began to update our plan and conduct annual scenario reviews with the aim of improving and in light of the ever changing city landscape. map/

How can I qualify for a discount

  • At Ride2sch
  • We have setup packages to support our parents and school customers, please visit our packages page to explore what DISCOUNT you qualify to receive. All our customers are eligible for a SOCIAL MEDIA DISCOUNT of 5% based on how many SHARES | LIKES they post about our service (PLEASE VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE OR TWITTER ACCOUNT TO ENROL IN THE COMPETITION).

Where can I get notified about my childs where abouts

  • At Ride2sch
  • We maintain a REAL TIME GPS and up to date shuttle location information flow, and are able to inform you of the exact location of the shuttle at all times. We provide a NOTIFICATION Value Added Service as an Option to interested parents either via SMS | EMAIL | WHATS APP | VIBER please contact customer services to select your options and buy a VAS Bundle.

What happens in the case of a medical emergency

  • At Ride2sch
  • Our Service Request Form seeks to appreciate all known medical conditions of the children in the shuttle including contact details of the Parent/Guardian or Family Doctor. We conduct training on First Aid and maintain a First Aid box in all our shuttles which can be used for a First Aid Emergency. We have also mapped out all Emergency Facilities on our routes and have a Board approved Emergency Operations Plan in all our shuttles, we often update this plan to include new medical facilities on our routes.

Why do I need travel insurance

  • At Ride2sch
  • Shuttles carry our future leaders and professionals, their safety and security is of paramount importance to us and to their parents/guardians. This is a huge expectation that we have limited capacity to guarantee, do visit our insurance/ page and appreciate our thoughts on the subject.

When I made an inquiry I was told one price when I booked I got a different price what happened

  • At Ride2sch
  • Our quoted price reflects the estimate of our service to your location, from our experience, most homes are off the main road with some really terribly maintained roads or often difficult to access locations. Please note that THE EXTRA KILOMETERS, TRAVEL INSURANCE, NOTIFICATION SERVICES and CUSTOMISATION of the service often increase the final price for the service. Do visit card/

How safe are my children on the bus from bullying

  • At Ride2sch
  • We have over the last 9 Years, build a reputation of NON tolerance to bullying on the shuttles, this starts at ONBOARDING where the parent is informed about our terms of carriage which include right of admission or withdrawal of service for violent or threatening behavior, we train our Bus Assistants to communicate this message very strongly to all the children under their care. Children can be a handful and some actions though not considered as bullying may be interpreted as threatening so all our buses carry INCIDENT FORMS which are used to record any unfamiliar or uncommon behavior on the bus and by whom, we maintain this record and inform the school administration who in turn informs the parents or we inform the parent of the subject with recommendations on our proposed course of action.

Does the shuttle make stop overs

  • No
  • NO, we ran routes on a Pre-determined schedule and try to maintain those schedules, when we do get special requests from parents about Dropping a child at a new location, we prefer it in writing and is subject to availability. We donít guarantee this and often avoid these kinds of special requests. plan/

Can I pack a snack for my child to eat on the bus

  • We do appreciate the special nature of children and their often times unpredictable appetite, we however generally discourage eating on bus especially for Health and Safety reasons a shuttle could have an abrupt stop causing medical emergency for the child eating on the bus. Our BUS ASSISTANTS are trained to tidy the bus twice a day and we fumigate the shuttles every 3 months to keep any infestation out of the shuttles.

How can you adjust the pick up time

  • At Ride2sch.
  • The school shuttle service is a SHARED SERVICE with as many as 56 parents involved in sharing one shuttle route. Please note that the PICK UP time allocated to you was setup by a routing software and is designed to create efficiency and improve customer on boarding. We encourage feedback on PICK UP times and request for PCKUP time adjustment and we try to attend to all of them as they come in, we donít guarantee that your request will be immediately successful, we place your request into a queue and at the earliest opportunity based on operational adjustments inform you of availability of time change. We make PICK UP time changes at the beginning of each to reflect the plan for that school term.

I have 3 children do you offer discounts.

  • Yes.
  • we have a 2 for 3 offer and many more do explore these are more

Please feel free to Contact us incase you have a question a part from the above

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