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TRAVEL INSURANCE Travel Insurance - covering the Unexpected. You actually never see it coming that's why it's called the unexpected. School shuttles spend a average of 4 hours a day on the road, our city has potholes, speed bumps, errant drivers, drivers who use phones while driving and some inexperienced drivers. A fender bender is common place or the likelihood of a mechanical failure leading to an accident ( these are covered by 3rd party insurance and comprehensive insurance). In our experience potholes, speed bumps and fender benders while not damaging the shuttle per say may cause an injury  to the shuttle occupants through a bruise or similar type injury. These injuries are not covered under the comprehensive or 3 rd party and are a grey arear of risk to the shuttle operator, these may seem small at the time of the injury but can quickly escalate to a full life threatening injury leaving the shuttle operator exposed to risks they didn't see coming. It is our recommendation that each parent takes out a personal travel insurance package for their child per annum, we include this in the invoice for the shuttle services and due to our aggressive negotiation, this cover is available at the most affordable rates. Do check out your invoice to see what has been added as Travel Insurance based on coverage for illnesses or diseases.
SUPPORT OUR PARENTS By reducing the need for non-essential school run journeys and allowing them to be more flexible in their work arrangements.
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